Aquariums Make Me Hungry!

2022 [book design] [illustration]

This zine features one of my favorite things - fish, and also because I was missing one of my favorite hobbies — scuba diving. The project incorporates illustration and writing through an introspection of why I get hungry at aquariums (I’m pescatarian).

The zine uses an accordion bind and opens up as a 54” coloring poster on the opposite side, turning into an aquarium itself. A part of this prompt was to make the zine engaging and personal for the audience, so the inclusion of the coloring poster allows each person to customize the zine as much or as little as they want.


Consider The Lobster





DIGITAL â¶ FORCING EVERYTHING I’VE LOST TO RETURN.  â· Lanternflies go bye bye!  ❸ 25    PRINT ❶ 256Fish â· Tomato Tomato â¸ Search History â¹ Consider the Lobster  âº Aquariums Make Me Hungry!    MOTION ❶ ME/ROBOT/FISH ❷ M E T A M O R P H O S i S  â¸ Game On...  â¹ Goodnite    >PLAY<