This zine was created as a response to the prompt ‘What does home mean to you?’. Focusing on the feeling of ambivalence, this was reflected through three pieces of writing that focused on different aspects of the five senses. This included a piece of writing done myself about humidity (touch & sight), song lyrics (sound), and a recipe for one of my favorite soups (taste & smell). The zine incorporates texture pages that obstruct each text as a whole to represent the contradictory feelings that manifest with ambivalence. The zine was printed on the risograph as it allowed the addition of physical layers with the ink and further abstraction of the textures.


DIGITAL ❶ FORCING EVERYTHING I’VE LOST TO RETURN.  ❷ Lanternflies go bye bye!  ❸ 25    PRINT ❶ 256Fish Tomato Tomato ❸ Search History ❹ Consider the Lobster   Aquariums Make Me Hungry!    MOTION ME/ROBOT/FISH ❷ M E T A M O R P H O S i S  ❸ Game On...  ❹ Goodnite    >PLAY<