Hello, I’m Themis!

I’m a designer and artist (& fish fanatic). My work spans across various mediums including motion, creative code, 3D modelling, and print. My work is often maximalist in nature - not necessarily visually, but through the inclusion of many thoughts and ideas. It is fascinating to me how visual outputs and immersive experiences can communicate what I might struggle to put into words. My personal adventures often inform my creative practice (hence all the fish).

Currently, I am completing my Communication Design BFA at Parsons School of Design in New York City. I have minors in Art & Design History, along with Immersive Storytelling.

I hope you have a fun dive looking at my work! Please feel free to reach out (I love to chat)! ☺



DIGITAL ❶ FORCING EVERYTHING I’VE LOST TO RETURN.  ❷ Lanternflies go bye bye!  ❸ 25    PRINT ❶ 256Fish Tomato Tomato ❸ Search History ❹ Consider the Lobster   Aquariums Make Me Hungry!    MOTION ME/ROBOT/FISH ❷ M E T A M O R P H O S i S  ❸ Game On...  ❹ Goodnite    >PLAY<