Lanternflies go bye bye!

2023 [web design] [animation]

If you were in New York City during the summer of 2023 (or 2022) you have surely encountered a lanternfly. If not, I am very jealous. These insects are an invasive species that have been slowly spreading around the United States, and people have been urged to kill them. I remember the first time I saw a lanternfly, I thought it was very pretty. Naturally, I shared a photo of it to my instagram story. To my dismay, I found out I had to kill this pretty bug — or else it would cause further damage to the ecosystem. During my first summer of killing lanternflies, it was just a matter of stepping on them.

But the second year was different.

The lanternflies had made their way into my apartment. They crossed the line. This lead to the question - how do we get rid of the lanternflies? For five days, I came up with a new way of killing lanternflies - some of which aren’t necessarily grounded in the scientific method. Each method was documented through a rotoscoped animation on a website. 

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