2023 [web design] 

This was a research-driven project based on timekeeping that aimed to redesign the clock. As I was drawn to forms of timekeeping that involved sound and physical movement, I decided to create a web-based project to represent this. I began recording sounds from life and altering the speed to investigate how this created pitch distortions. Using these sounds to represent the tick of a clock, I created this experience that questions the nature of the tick as an indicator of a clock's life. The experience urges the user to select the right pitch for each sound. This will allow them to move forward in time. As I looked at bird migration, I was drawn to the shapes created by Starlings. Following this, I decided to hint at this through the dithering of images, which would also serve as an indicator of whether the user was closer or farther from the right sound.

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Lanternflies go bye bye!




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