2024 [animation] [sound design] [3D modelling]

As an ocean lover, one of my biggest dreams in life is to become a fish. When I watched Ponyo as little Themis, I was so envious of her underwater life. Then, when I began scuba diving I was so amazed by how beautiful the depths of the ocean are. I felt at peace. I wanted nothing more than to rip my regulator out and just breathe unassisted underwater. In ME/ROBOT/FISH all my dreams come true. After selling my successful startup, I have so much money that I can build a private lab and turn myself into a robot fish. 

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Aquariums Make Me Hungry!


M E T A M O R P H O S i S


DIGITAL ❶ FORCING EVERYTHING I’VE LOST TO RETURN.  ❷ Lanternflies go bye bye!  ❸ 25    PRINT ❶ 256Fish Tomato Tomato ❸ Search History ❹ Consider the Lobster   Aquariums Make Me Hungry!    MOTION ME/ROBOT/FISH ❷ M E T A M O R P H O S i S  ❸ Game On...  ❹ Goodnite    >PLAY<