Search History

2022   [book design]

This saddle stitch book is an amalgamation of my search history during September 2022 to explore the idea of depicting a path through book form. Using no text, the book incorporates various images taken from the sites that I visited during the month to create new imagery. The physical book consists of a variety of papers and textures, as well as various folds throughout to mimic the various rabbit holes that are prevalent in one’s search history.


Tomato Tomato


Consider The Lobster


DIGITAL ❶ FORCING EVERYTHING I’VE LOST TO RETURN.  ❷ Lanternflies go bye bye!  ❸ 25    PRINT ❶ 256Fish Tomato Tomato ❸ Search History ❹ Consider the Lobster   Aquariums Make Me Hungry!    MOTION ME/ROBOT/FISH ❷ M E T A M O R P H O S i S  ❸ Game On...  ❹ Goodnite    >PLAY<